Interior Painting

Interior Painting Services

Interior color choices play a key role when deciding what style you want a space to have. Color can drastically change the appearance of a room – lighter colors make an area appear larger, while darker colors smaller. Color also has a major impact on a property’s value and sales price.

At Lane Contracting LLC we stay up to date on all of the best color choices and painting products taking the stress off of your shoulders. Included in each free estimate is a color consultation going over what your exact goals are for the project – whether this is updating for your own enjoyment or to sell. From the initial estimate/consultation to the final walk through we can assure you that the process will be as smooth as we possibly can make it!

Interior Painting Services offered include walls, trim, ceilings, window casings, door casings, fireplaces/mantels, built in furniture, etc.

Our Interior Painting Process:
  • Initial set up of an area that is neat, tidy, and out of your way
  • Preparation of the property’s area for painting (carpet protection, drop clothes, paper/plastic wrap over furniture, appliances, and windows)
  • Cleaning of areas that are going to be painted to remove any dust, dirt, grime, and oil
  • Repair, fill, seal, and sand areas that are going to be painted to assure properly prepared surface
  • Professional techniques assure that surfaces are prepped, primed, and painted accordingly

We assure our work will have clean lines and a lint free finish!

Want to see more of our interior work? Check out our interior painting portfolio!

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